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A wedding is an event so unique and special it deserves only to get the best of everything. And that is what we are aiming for at Ellen Christiaen Wedding Planners: top of the range, maybe more but never less.

Our story starts with a top destination: South Africa, by many seen as the most beautiful country in the world, offers absolutely everything for a romantic memory that will last forever.

Not only are we surrounded by the extravagance of the unique African nature and wildlife, we also pride ourselves in offering world class cuisine, venues, music, photography and filming. South Africa’s wedding season of good weather extends to 39 weekends, compared to only 13 in Western Europe. Further, there is no jetlag travelling from Europe. This results in the fact that each summer 2000 foreign weddings take place in the Western Cape.

At Ellen Christiaen Wedding Planners we offer full wedding planning services for local and international clients. We have a broad range of professional suppliers to ensure our clients of a legendary wedding and a qualified and passionate team to plan and coordinate your wedding from A to Z.

We are fluent in Dutch, English and French, which is a necessity to understand the high-end needs of our international clientele to the fullest. We also have a professional network of people oversees that can meet you to listen to your specific needs and wishes. We are fully capable of preparing your special day to the finest detail… even though we’re thousands of miles apart.

We coordinate weddings, for local and international clients, from intimate bespoke celebrations to larger weddings.

Ellen Christiaen - Wedding Planners - South Africa

Ellen Christiaen

Owner & certified wedding planner

“With my absolute love for Africa and my ‘since-I-was-a-little-girl-passion’ for weddings and making everything look perfect I can assure you to get the exclusive experience you are dreaming of.

My European roots, work-ethics and professional experience together with the network that I’ve carefully build up in Southern Africa will assure you of a relaxing stay in this magnificent part of the world.”

Ellen Christiaen - Wedding Planners - South Africa